What is the Future Rutland Conversation?

    The Future Rutland Conversation was launched at the start of April as a chance for families, businesses and visitors to Rutland to comment on a range of important issues, from the environment and transport to health and education. Gathering this feedback from people of all ages will lead to the creation of a new Shared Vision for the County, with long-term goals that help local communities and organisations with planning and decision-making.

    What’s happened so far?

    After hearing from more than 2,000 people between April and June, Future Rutland published a series of reports that summarised all of the comments, feedback and survey responses it received. People were then invited to review these findings and provide further feedback, even if they hadn’t taken part in the initial conversation. Having asked people in Rutland what kind of county they want to live in and played this back to everyone for further discussion, all of this feedback (which is still available to view online at: www.rutland.gov.uk/futurerutland) has been turned into a Draft Vision that paints a picture of the place described by residents.

    Why is it taking place?

    With all the uncertainty and change that we’ve experienced over the past two years, it’s vital that our County has a clear set of long-term goals for the future – goals that have been shaped by local people and which help organisations and communities to make the right changes in the right areas.

    What does the latest stage involve?

    The Vision describes the kind of place that people have said they want Rutland to be. The ultimate aim is to have a final Vision that brings the community and partners together around an agreed set of long-term goals for our County – goals based on the things people have said are most important to them. The Draft Future Rutland Vision has now been published, with adults, young people, businesses and visitors asked to provide further feedback through a short online survey. We want to use the feedback from this latest round of public engagement to produce a final version of Rutland’s new Shared Vision before the end of the year.

    What happens next?

    Rutland County Council started the Future Rutland Conversation to find out what really matters to local people. The Vision does not belong to any single group or organisation – everyone can help to create the Rutland it describes. However, the Council recognises that it is uniquely placed to use the Vision to inform its long-term plans and policies, and encourage others to do the same.

    The aim is to make the Vision central to every plan and big decision that’s made in the County – working with local people to shape detailed action plans and bring about change. Progress against the Vision will then be reviewed in 2026, accepting there will still be a long way to go.

    Where can I go to find out more?

    Further details, including a downloadable copy of the Draft Future Rutland Vision, can be found online at: www.rutland.gov.uk/futurerutland. If you have any specific questions about Future Rutland or how you can support this latest round of public engagement, please email: communications@rutland.gov.uk or call: 07973 855 469.